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AMKA- 01.04.06

Came across AMKA shop “beyond style” today, and fell in love with their prints. Their online shop displays large scale designer posters printed on tarpaulin or plastified couch paper, and are limited edition (only 200 prints each). In a la fraise style design, you can submit your images for voting on these prints, in addition to their already selected designer pieces. Additionally, there are t-shirts and polos available: take a look at the dark angel shirt.

“AMKA is a registered trade mark (in France, INPI, 2004) of Thomas Gayet who is a graphic designer (27 years old) and the founder of the company Spiritvibes (http://www.spiritvibes.com) which he established in 2001. Spiritvibes is a multimedia agency. Amkashop is a product of Spiritvibes. Amkashop is the realization of a childhood dream. We made it for several reasons but the main one is really because we love clothes and designer posters. All our products are orginal and limited editions (200 prints of each only), Amkashop is offering you clothes and posters that you can’t find elsewhere !”

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