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Emanuelle Jaques- 02.17.06

Today i stumbled upon the work of Swiss designer Emanuelle Jaques, and loved the tree saving and tree themes. To the left we have Tree’s Stool which first thought in my head is Sesame Street… and i love that its a multifunctional environmentally friendly design. Then we have the Chopping Board in an ingenius two levels, one for chopping herbs, second level to catch the bits. The Bottle Opener is one of my favorites. A snapped twig transformed into a bottle opener shape. Nice. And the Ladder is self explanatory enough, and just an adorable to round out this tree themed look at the work of Emanuelle Jaques.

Found via the Swiss Young designer group of In Out Designers - more great projects here as well, but that tree protecting chair got me the most.

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for some reason, i imagine those bars as something to deter dogs from peeing on the trees (i could be totally off here), so i imagine dogs being on the bench bit…ewww…by the same token, maybe benches are peed on by dogs too. ewwwww…i think ill just swear of benches altogether.

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