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INDIE - (joe’s)- 02.18.06

Indie - another newbie on the high end denim bandwagon… but i’m not complaining. Just did some research and these are another product of Innovo Group who owns Joe’s Jeans. Indie’s biggest highlight is probably its price point being set at a “reasonable” 80-100$ range, versus Joe’s - Paper Denims - Sevens - Citizens - True Religions - Rock and Republics - you know the types that goes for closer to 200$+… So i took a quick pic for you of the great bird embroidery i fell for, and the cut is a great casual fit that reminds me of the joe’s but keep in mind you do get what you pay for with the denim.

Graphically speaking, i’m loving the playful nature of the tags and visuals… but what is up with their UFO fetish? I guess we will have to wait and see on that one. My one complaint however is the button - its a pain to do/undo esp quickly… the rose petals aren’t smooth so it tends to catch. You can check out more images of this particular pair at RAW.

17 Notes

Oh man! I know I am just writing the exact same thing everyone else but I LOVE these jeans! I can’t even remember where I bought them but it was forever ago and they are worn and tore up! Anywhere to find them?

----- Taylor 25.10.09 14:42

oh i love these jeans! i bought a pair at marshall’s a few years back and i absolutely love the fit and their look but i haven’t found them anywhere! :( they’re extremely distressed now, and i would love to find a place to get them at. any suggestions?

----- Christina 08.09.09 11:44

I love my Indie jeans as well! They’re the best pair I own, and I’m desperately trying to find a replacement, since the seat has worn out from frequent wearing.

----- Natasha 15.04.09 11:44

I just got a pair yesterday. I found them at a resale shop. The denim is thick and stitch work is awesome. Gently worn too! I figured by the fabric, that they were high end of some sort. Could not find them anywhere, to get more pairs. I agree that they are a nice pair…mine don’t have the embroidery work on them! :)

----- Crystal 21.09.08 08:18

I am putting a pair of INDIE jeans on Ebay tonight size 28 with embroidery (8/14/08)and found your note. I have purchased them at Lord & Taylor which is an expensive department store. They do have sales and mark them down sometimes though. Hope this helps.

----- Laurie 14.08.08 17:49

I love indies- just bought a pair on ebay-
They fit my tiny A so well!

----- mary beth 21.04.08 17:21

I totally agree with her I serious want a like 40 pair i love the designs!

----- Leilani 11.04.08 13:22

I got 2 pairs last summer at a TJmaxx I’ve been looking for an online dealer ever since. They’re seriously the best looking jeans on ever. I love them :(. I cant find them anywhereeee

----- Katerina 01.03.08 12:14

Does anyone know where to buy these in the Knoxville area?

----- Cat 25.02.08 13:27

Where can I buy Indie Jeans in the San Francisco Bay area or on line?

----- Tracey 15.02.08 13:52

I got 2 pairs of these amazing jeans that i got at a small store in Denver, Co. area and I ‘ve been looking 4 them everywhere but I cannot find any……. does anybody knows a place ? love my INDIES too.

----- nadia 17.10.07 00:24

I have a pair and I love them, but the seat is getting really worn. I got a pair of Freedoms at Dillards, and I like those as well, but not as much as my Indies…… I have the Lotus style..

----- Alycia 05.10.07 11:07

I bought a pair last summer at a TJMAX in Palmdale. I live in ATL and have been looking for a year for more. I found some on one website that doesn’t showcase them anymore. SOS: NEED JEANS. what do we do now?!

----- Lauren 10.09.07 16:26

I just found a pair at TJMAXX I have never found a pair that fits so well. I hope their not discontinued. That would be just awful! Has anyone else had any luck in finding some?

----- Michelle 10.05.07 05:33

I LOVE this brand… I bought some at small little store in Irvine, CA. The girls at the store said Indie is no longer making denium though :(… too bad I love this fit.

I would also like to know of some stores who sell them! Ebay doesnt even have a large selection!

----- JL 04.05.07 22:24

i like these jeans a lot..can i purchase them anywhere in Iowa?

----- Amanda 16.03.07 10:14

I have 4 pairs of indie jeans, but am now having a hard time locating them. do you know of anywhere to purchase them, online or other wise? thanks

----- holly 04.08.06 17:17

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