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Peace Bombs- 02.18.06

PeaceBombs. Quite a work of art: made of high priced relief wax, hand poured, hand wheted, hand dipped, and printed in a pad printing process. “International aid organizations try for years in vain to forbid the blanket-bombing of areas in war zones. With peacebombs, the senselessness of such weapons should be brought to attention… Peacebombs should suggest a peaceful dealing with one another; portraying the attitude of the purchaser towards war - because peace is too serious an affair to leave it in the hands of politicians.” For 40 euros you can purchase one through their website, it comes in english, hebrew, and arabic. Also available at UpToYou in Toronto.

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slightly off topic. while perusing the link and merchzilla, i came across “3 feet smaller” and have their song “let it out” stuck in my head. check out www.3feetsmaller.com

“sing if you feel like singing” =)

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