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Barcade- 03.15.06

Last night in NY, ended up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn [artsy/funky/warehouse-y]… also why i got back late, was packing and doing some last minute design edits, and a bit more organizing on the top secret projects… and that is my excuse for the post lull, but i have a backed up list of things coming up this week! Anyhow, we start it off with the BARCADE. That’s right, a BAR thats an ARCADE… and not any arcade but an old school upright machine styled arcade with a great selection of beer, a red pool table, and my favorite touch, the chalk boards with the all time high scores on games like Tapper, Centipede, Dig Dug, Super Mario Bros and far more to bring out that kid in you again. Other reason why you need to check it out - their “from warehouse to barcde” transformation photos are mesmerizing.

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