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Throughfare- 03.15.06

Exploring Williamsburg (possibly my new favorite place in NY), imagine stumbling across this incredible window… which at first looks like an insane window display, but upon further inspection, you realize it’s possibly the BEST use of gallery space i’ve seen in quite some time. This is Throughfare, and installation from March 2 - March 19, by Andrew Poneros, Leon Reed (Darius Jones), and Alex Holden at the Riviera. This incredible landscape, part signage - part man made nature (faux grass and park bench included), environment is even more than meets the eye as you get closer to each sign, which is filled with brilliant juxtapositions of urban life and the nature that learns to grow around/within it. In a combination of gorgeous graphical elements and physically manipulated signage (from curving metal to leaves cut out from signs), the impact is spectacular. OH! And i nearly forgot the murals, mixing soft greens and what appears to be woodprint wallpaper to further expand the little world you step in to.

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Can you give me more info on “woodprint wallpaper” ? Where can I buy it, do you have a sample on data ? Thanks.

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