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Diesel Turns 50- 03.19.06

PAAAIACKDMEGBDDA.jpgDiesel - yes the Italian fashion line thats has some of the most incredible graphics and window displays, not to mention ads and flashy sites with insane themes - is turning 50. And to commemorate this half a century, there is a hefty hardcover complete with DVD i think i need to own. Purchase it here for 95$ (and help support notcot a little!) instead of the cover price of 150$! “Fifty is made up of five chapters that convey the Diesel lifestyle and philosophy in an unconventional way. The book’s first chapter features an insightful portrait of company visionary Renzo Rosso, followed by a second dedicated to the key moments in Diesel’s history, from its “jeans & workwear” beginnings to its current premium positioning. The third chapter presents the brand’s innovative communication and retail approach while the fourth focuses on the company’s long-lasting support of young creative talent worldwide. A concluding chapter presenting Diesel’s views of the future rounds out the book. Each section ends with a face-to-face interview between Rosso and a prestigious (or, in pure Diesel style, simply unconventional) personality, including the Dalai Lama, i-D magazine founder Terry Jones, Alexander McQueen and a few, well kept, secrets.”

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