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POP- 03.12.06

Cable Yoyo sent us their new Cable Yoyo Pop, which will be available in April! I must admit this post is less a product review and more of a packaging design review. While i had seen the images of the product on the site and press releases, it is the box when it arrived that made me smile. Matte Black. Clean font. Sweet line drawings. Good colors. And preprinted stickers of various designs for the not so creatives to customize their POP!

As for how it works, basically that main piece has a high quality hardcore suction cup. You stick it to anything and wrap your headphones around it. More specifically, they provide you three options. The main piece labeled 1, has the suction and can clip your headphones and plug in the front. When attached to 2, you can clip it on to something. When attached to three, you can peel 3’s adhesive and stick it to just about anything. Or you could simply suction on to the back of your ipod, or window, etc. So Suction then wrap… My only complaint is it works best with simple headphones, esp ones that are symettrical (not one short side and one long piece for the second ear piece)…

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