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Petri Art- 03.03.06

Science and art have never differed by much, and both offer new perspectives on our surroundings… but seldom enough do you really get a chance to peek at how beautiful some of the scientific imagery can be, and these were just to incredible not to capture the images of here… even if it did get boingboinged and such. “These images are a part of a series of remarkable patterns that bacteria form when grown in a petri dish. While the colors and shading are artistic additions, the image templates are actual colonies of tens of billions of these microorganisms.” These images from from the lab of Prof Eshel Ben-Jacob of Tel-Aviv University in collaboration with Prof. Herbert Levine from my alma mater, UC San Diego. See the gallery here, and i must say such scientists need to pair up with more artists when coloring and shading some of these others!

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