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Tumi Travel- 03.23.06

Travelling again - in San Francisco now! (till the 31st) - hence the slight gap in posting - helped a friend pack up his whole life and am now in a hotel using the internet off my treo to write this. Web God of NOTCOT, Jermacide, has been made and offer he can’t refuse - so now i’m up here apt hunting and settling him while probably stumbling upon things to share with you.

But i digress, giving credit where credit is due, Tumi (who’s classic line of suitcases will always have a soft spot in my heart - but the newer tech and colorful stuff wasn’t doing it for me for a few years there) has an incredibly functional/nicely designed travel adapter! That is surprisingly sleek and compact given that it takes in every input and provides every output! And has a cute carrying case. Also Tumi+Ducati teamed up, and i love Ducati…

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