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10 Corso Como- 04.21.06

If someone were ever to ask me what my dream come true would be - it would be for NOTCOT to reach a level like 10 Corso Como, my little piece of heaven in Milan. Incredible niche of a space, great cafe/restaurant/bar, gallery with incredible shows, best design/art/architecture/fashion/music store, and the ultimate in design/couture with a very NOTCOT kind of flair. Carla Sozzani is one of my idols (and i’m not the kind of girl who does the idol thing). But as NOTCOT readers - i beg you to read this interview with her in Republic, the Fritz Hansen mag [jump right to page 18]. Best quote “I prefer to make trends instead of following them. I’m very much against trends as they ruin your peace of mind. you can’t choose with the same happiness and joy if you’re thinking about what’s trendy… They come to feel good.” [this coming from a woman who shaped the italian fashion magazine industry.]

In addition to the content of this article - the page flipping/UI of LivePaper is one of the most beautiful/enjoyable web experiences i’ve had in a while.

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Thanks for this post. It reminded me of Corso Como and the first time I visited the concept store 11 yrs ago. It was so progressive for the time. Nothing similar existed in italy (except for another concept store in San Babila, Fiorucci) and still today a fantastic place to visit even if it has changed a lot… so has the area around the shop.

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