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Corkscrew- 04.20.06

Ok - how did NONE OF YOU tell me about this? I feel slightly ashamed for having found it so late, even though i absolutely love Suck UK. [remember the old post? It was one of the very first!] It is perfect, the one missing component i’ve been actively searching for to complete my purse/travel necessities - their key bottle opener has been a regular on my keychain since i moved back to the states and don’t have my enormous italian keys anymore - and my leatherman wave covers anything else i could possibly need. So this folds up nice and sleek with no sharp bits to destroy your wallet/pockets/suitcases - has a little lock even, and hangs on your keychain! Someday i ought to post all my “purse” essentials - perhaps it will be a feature/discussion to come.

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