*notcot in playful , 19:33

UnAmerican- 04.26.06

Funny, i was just thinking about Unamerican today and then i get an email from them with their new updated stickers… For those who are unfamiliar - Unamerican is all about provoking thought with text and simple imagery in the form of minimal stickers. You create the context for these phrases. I’ve had “Fuck Work” on the vcr flap of my little 13” tv/vcr i’ve had since freshman year of college. “Question Technology” was on the inside when you’d open my old iBook… “Being Hip Is Not Enough” - with the explanation that “modern kids have learned to make video and art fast and cheap. Imagine this set of talents channelled into work for change.” Yes. Imagine what we could do? Other good new ones “Don’t eat your soul to fill your belly” - “Wal*Mart is communism” - “There’s still time to change the road you’re on”… [and yes, seldom will i send you to such a jarring site, but the content makes up for it and then some.]

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