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Cupperwear- 04.20.06

“The mysterious Johnny Cupcakes creates & pushes all sorts of limited edition/exclusive clothing & accessories for both ladies & gents, all with cupcakes encoded within his designs. Johnny makes a living of traveling all over, throwing his coined “Cupperwear Parties” at random galleries, colleges, boutiques, apartments, & so forth. Everyone likes cupcakes.” —- yes that’s right, he doesn’t even make the cupcakes, you make them, for your party. Everyone has a gimmick? And this one is a fun line of cupcake branded merch - very fun! And mix in some of that tupperware party style fun that seems to be IN again [been invited to passion parties - jewlery parties - spa parties - its like the new way of selling again?]… and there you go! But really, how much DO you love cupcakes?

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