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Gallery NOTCOT : Salter- 04.27.06

Gallery NOTCOT is proud to present our second showing - featuring the works of Michael Salter and his incredibly playful vector creatures, spaces, and basically the coolest things i’ve ever laid eyes on made of styrofoam. So click around the tags on the sides here, and take a look at the AMAZING styrofoam robot guys below!

In the artist’s own words “[my work] is an attempt to slow down the torrid flow of informationi and infinitely rethink meaning, narrative, perception and thought. There is an alternate, underlying dimension of obvoiusness that is rich with abstraction… ” [see why i like this his work? and way of thinking?]


2 Notes

Wonderfull art!! I would swin the ocean to see it .. if I could.

----- Bernhard 29.05.06 22:35

dude! was very excited about this. mike’s middle initial is A too! but looking at the location, im guessing its not him.

----- rugenius 27.04.06 01:27

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