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PitGreen- 04.04.06

Wow. Ok you may want to read this while looking at the full entry (aka click the finish reading link first)… b/c there are more images there. This is PitGreen = from my standpoint it sort of seems like Stikfas meets mini-mini-golf meets german design. From the looks of this incredible video the German accessories manufacturer, Koizol, is producing these silly little golfing wonders. I honestly can’t believe i hadn’t heard of this earlier - Designersblock is even having a PitGreen Competition during the Salone in Milano on the 9th of this month! It is apparently a crazy mini-trend sweeping europe. They have gorgeous packaging (see image below) - and exclusive Grim Reaper-esque 150 limited ed pieces through Charles and Marie right now - but honestly the potential to dress up your white one with a black sharpie and some imagination seems more intruiging.

p.s. any german readers want to help cover design trends and amusement from europe for us? Apparently there is much we have been missing!



Funny. So funny. So cute. But slightly saddening that this is a sport of sorts. Also Shade Elaine and i hope it comes with about 100 balls, b/c i sense many a “drop ball” being needed when playing this in most environments regardless of scale of the course.


And i keep finding more amusement i have to share PIMP MY PIT a pdf for printing on stickers and giving your PitGreen some expressions and clothes.


Also - go join the PitGreenLeague? They have their own logo. It is cute.

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would be cute!

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