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Jet Blue Bliss- 04.05.06

At a time when american airlines are charging for basic meals and sandwiches, leg room seems to be shrinking, plane upkeep is lacking… JetBlue soars ahead with adding more “luxury” features… and this time in an interesting move with Bliss (the fun blue branded spa line, whose spas are in many a W hotel) to supply coast to coast travellers with a little bit more R&R… the “buh bye red eye, hello shut eye” kit. Read more about it in the Post article.

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i dunno about that. if i remember correctly, jetblue was the first in the “we won’t feed you” airlines…so why put so much money into stuff that isn’t even nicer than virgins? i prefer the food, at least i always put it to good use.

----- rugenius 05.04.06 17:21

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