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Bunny!- 05.06.06

bunnymain.jpgCan you believe how minimalistic yet overflowing with character this bunny ring is? Perfectly hardy enough to give a child, yet beautiful enough to pull of with something funky/fancy? AND diswasher safe? This is also made from the mixing bowls! Gitte Nygard’s ability to transform these everyday plastics into such incredible pieces seriously changes the way i will look at plastic objects in my everyday life.

… and there are more bunny ears in this family! Different ear flips and sizes - see the image below. and make an effort to head over to Mette Saabye’s on Studeistrade 25B, 1455 Copenhagen

(click to see bigger)

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These rings are really fabulous!! Love them.

----- Liana Kabel (Plastic Girl) 02.06.06 02:22

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