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Opus Formosus- 05.06.06

So you understand how the drilling tiny holes together creates playfully subtle imagery… well drill the hole, then take tiny saw blades to make cuts - that make flower details - and then… here’s the clincher - do it all with those plastic mixing bowls we all have in the kitchen! Its gorgeous, sturdy, and one of my favorite details is the fact that these flower broaches, instead of having some gluegunned standard pin back, there are multiple tack backings (you know that type where theres a single prong and then that small circular backing?).

Well this piece is a part of Gitte Nygard’s “Opus Formosus” at Mette Saabye’s- a series of jewelry shaped like flowers in thermoplastic polyurethane [specifically Ancient Magarethe and Rosti mixing bowls!].

Below is a necklace, earings, and broach set which were carved out from plates, and i love how she turns the little details (like the dishwasher safe brand and two toned nature) into added aspects of the set.

(click for a big version)


Also, don’t forget to check out the Bunny Rings from the same collection (also with mixing bowls!) and the Watering Can!

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WOW! Beautifully executed.
I’m off to find out more.

----- Liana Kabel (Plastic Girl) 02.06.06 02:27

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