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Eiko- 05.19.06

Eiko designed by Schaffer, produced by German Authentics is a great solution to soft boiled egg consumption. After many “breakfast included” european hotel experiences, i’ve come to see how pretty but not so functional little egg cups are, or i have yet to master the art of tapping away my shell with a little spoon. (i tend to pick it up, tap tap tap, and then put it back to the cup to eat it) With this design you can hang it on the side of the pot while boiling, simple lift it out, rinse in cold water, have a handle to hold while cracking the shell, and enjoy! [Authentics also made that great line of flatware and glasses by Tord Boontje]

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Hey, I am trying to order some egg cups and not doing so well. Don’t speak German as you may have noticed…Let me know how to buy these great egg cups. Here in the states would be fine too if I can’t buy them from you.. Thanks so much! Katie D.

----- Katie 01.09.06 22:34

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