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notcot.org-y- 05.21.06

notcotorgy.pngLife in Oxford is a bit backwards right now, as is my internet connection and posting ability. But while massive posts are less frequent, we’ve been adding much fun stuff in visual snip-it form over at NOTCOT.ORG! [and thanks to people writing in for passwords, we are looking forward to having more fun additions over there, and also can see many more extensive posts here growing from things people point out to us at .org] Check out the interview with Nokia’s Liisa Puolakka - Head of Brand Visual and Sensorial Experiences as well as some very cool art/figurines. We have the random commentary going there… the soundbites that we exclaim as we come across those images… but don’t be fooled, the content is quality, its just that backpage where (as if it were possible) we care even more about images than we do here at notcot.com!

Feedback on the concept - want RSS/Tagging? should it be sorted/searchable? does bulletin board - post away, and new will pile up over old - work?

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