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Stamps!- 05.01.06

WOW. Ok so i apparently haven’t been paying attention to the stamp industry and/or there is some new crazy design going on? Check out these products from Trodat - on top we have this portable self inking stamp that folds into a silver tube, ready for your pocket. Then theres the one where that is built into a pen! And then my favorite for those random messages you have the urge to stamp - since you can play typestter with it!!! Mini tweezers and different sets of fonts and all! I was just researching making a self inking stamp - and discovered this whole new world and got excited.

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Cool post!!!
I didn’t pay attention to teh stamp world at all in the last years… but…. what a surprise!!!
Cool and Fun stuff in here!!1

----- mrica 01.05.06 03:47

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