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God of MySpace (Design)- 06.23.06

Those my MySpace friends, are MySpace pages. I kid you not. They work, they don’t violate the TOS - and yes, they are that pretty and there are many more after the jump, so try not to drool on the keyboard. Now that you’ve taken a peek at his handiwork, meet the man behind it - 17 year old Androo is a high school junior nearby in Pasadena - and hopes to get in to Art Center (is there really any question about this? Art Center readers - time to do your part!) And what’s he have to say about his MySpace abilities? “I am not a myspacial freak, I just design on myspace, beacuse well, I am not yet a professional, meaning i have no clients, no money, and no where to do web design, so i do it here. Word.” Go be his friend here. And those of you wanting to hire him - be warned, there’s a waitlist.

p.s. keeps the myspace adds coming, i love seeing how briliantly creative NOTCOT readers are - and how else am i supposed to find genius via myspace?







5 Notes

Love your design style!! Would love to have you on board to design myspace pages.

----- Daddy Design 22.03.07 14:49

I like your myspace designs. Are you interested in doing some custom myspace design. Visit our site and let us know if you’re intrested in doing some work for us. Your designs look great.

Design for MySpace

----- myspace design 13.01.07 09:26

Your designs look great. I like your style of myspace design.

----- Jon Mac 21.10.06 18:55

serious talent! i like your designs - clean and not cluttered.

your myspace page, haven’t seen one better. how much to make me one?

----- Ray 26.08.06 14:00

Would you happen to have the links for some of the other cool myspace page designers?

----- Carlos Pita 02.08.06 09:33

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