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Rants + a call for help.- 06.23.06

Everyone needs to read this article. Michael Bierut’s insights on the critical nature of context in the life and death of logos is priceless… and i am starting to think i need to put together a pamphlet for prospective logo clients, because there is so much in that article which combined with some quotes and images of great logos (recontextualized of course) would be far more efficient, than any client discussion.

That said, i feel rambly tonight - and want to put a little potential call for help out to all of you. NOTCOT.org as well as linking the MySpace page to the public - has more than opened my eyes to how many incredibly talented creatives are reading this site - your finds are brilliant, and NOTCOT.com has become that much better from the contributions you all send in. The consulting/design studio side of NOTCOT is picking up, and that’s been taking some of my time/energy away from here… and the problem with the internet really is that the more you read, the more you find. The more you find, the more you need to read, and then its 6am again. I can’t find it all, and i know you find a lot that i miss - so anyone have the guts to step up and contribute to NOTCOT? Be it little articles, an editorial, a designer’s rant/insight? I’m practical, i’d rather have many writers giving us the piece of a lifetime, than two forcing something out every day. Bottomline, our niche is inspiration for creativity (yes, i know, “can she be more vague?”, but regular readers should know what i mean)… Drop me an email! We love trying new things, so don’t be shy! jaw-at-notcot-dotcom

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