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Oddica Check-Out- 06.12.06

JEAN.LIBRARY.jpgSo what IS the deal with those Oddica library cards? Or that is the question that kept coming up when i previously posted about their fabulous packaging. So here’s a close up image of one they made just for you and your curiosity - and the guys at Oddica have THIS to say about it all:

The Library Card functions on a few other levels — it let’s us promote the Artist, and let’s us connect with the customer on an old-fashioned level. If we ever get too big that we cannot find the time to handwrite the customer name, then we know we have gone astray. Also, the Dewey Decimal numbers, we locate numbers that correspond to the particular design. Like for the Undertaker, I think we did Cemeteries, English, or something.

Mystery solved. And it highlights the brilliance and attention to detail that is put into every bit of all things Oddica - so go take a look at the new shirts and sweatshirts, and if you order one, you get a sweet library card too!

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I read somewhere that you could use the cards as literal library cards, where you stamp out the person who borrows your shirt or what now. But not a lot of people borrow shirts now (at least I don’t) so..

----- Larry 13.06.06 13:13

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