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Yogitoes- 06.12.06

Ok, for all you pilates, yoga, and anti-slip-and-slide aficionados - Yogitoes are for you. I posted about them previously. Well, we’ve been test-driving them here the last few months (and you will see them again in our premier photoshoot, which i will be launching very very soon!) - courtesy of the folks at Yogitoes… and i can’t imagine life without them! My ultimate test was if i put it down on the wood floor in the hallway and took a running start, would i slide all the way down? (in socks i can) - well believe it or not, it barely budged. When it comes to yoga and pilates, you do sweat, and it is gross to have to either a) sweaty towel sliding around on mats of b) mat with built in cloth top, which is hard to wash. Also throw in wanting a way to not have to carry the yoga mat around (travel, last minute decision to go to class) - and you can just use this Yogitoes’ Skidless over the mats available at the gym! Unless you like looking special carrying that oversized yoga-mat around… So its been perfect for travelling, and perhaps it would even be perfect if you were to lay out on some super smooth slanted surface for a while… afterall with those magical rubbery nobs, your Skidless can be as versatile as you are creative.


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