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Stuff- 06.19.06

Ok so Sunday was a bit nuts for us over here at NOTCOT… we launched NOTed (which i am a bit eager about, and am loving the feedback i’ve been getting so far - but would love to hear from the rest of you too! Do you love/hate it? want more? help us spread it around, we want to know what people think!)

… as also sent out our first test email to the list (and seeing as i have minimal PHPlist and html email experience this was a big nervous step for me) - so everyone on the list, if you didn’t get it - EMAIL ME. And if you aren’t on the list yet - well go here and get on it. We won’t spam you, we’ll keep it to things that would make us smile when we open our inbox.

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I feel I have been cheated. I was away from the computer for a week on a road trip and you post the most amazing pictures. The rest of the world is out enjoying the uplifting wimsicul visons while i sufffer through boring meetings and 3000 mile car trips.
I really enjoy this post please continue.
PS. who is the model. Very nice classic yet contemporary = simply wonderful to see.

----- Erik 20.06.06 12:24

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