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Sweatshop Free for Avatars- 06.17.06

virtualAA.jpgNews Flash! American Apparel Store opening today! (Yes, we know it feels like one opens somewhere everyday)… opens on a private island… a private island in Second Life. Second Life, being a virtual environment. (and this store is designed in colaboration with AA’s own architect) Is this where we get philosophical? If your avatars and their little world don’t know what it feels like to be overworked, and underpaid - do they care if they wear sweatshop free clothing? Can they drive SUV’s without scrutiny since it is a virtual automobile running on virtual gas in a virtual world? Or do they have new problems - like stunted resolution by bandwidth limitations - or… i dunno, keeping their world spam free? Shrug* I’m not a big player in all of the goldmining possibilities of what you can place value on in those worlds yet - but it sure makes you think. Digression aside, your Second Life avatars can now be sweatshop free in AA just like you! And thats what it really comes down to when you spend that dollar, right? [via Springwise]

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