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YOURspace- 06.17.06

myspacenotcot.jpgHey kids, its that crazy kind of friday, where i swear yesterday was monday. Yes, it really has been that busy! So many new adventures beginning, and so many loose ends being tied up… and in between it all, that pesky Google has convinced me to fix up this myspace page i’ve neglected for so long… (basically, it was coming up so high when you googled ‘notcot’, figured might as well clean it up)… so during a phone call earlier, i got bored and started tweaking it - and so i’m jumping on the bandwagon and publicly announcing its existence. Add us if you want, it looks sad with so few friends!

Oh, and on a more productive note - this might be a great way for me to get some basic news out to all of you - or a place for you to submit sweet ideas+images via the comments… but lets take it slow… and see how things go.

p.s. what should i put on the page?

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