*notcot in design , 04:07

Questionable Content- 07.24.06

JephQT.jpgI have my morning rituals, by morning i mean just past midnight, and Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content has been a part of that for years. Pintsize and Winslow never cease to amuse me… and Faye, Raven, Martin, Hannelore, etc make me smile. So you can imagine how exciting it was to meet the man behind the daily comic - have him draw a scene of my favorite characters (i’m also a huge fan of the snarky IndieTits.) And this one is so getting framed and going up in the NOTCOT studio for life - it kind of embodies how we all feel at one time or another… aka - stop listening to the silly people out there and do your thing.


See - he really did draw it - in about 2 seconds - right in front of me.

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