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Rockstar Madness- 07.24.06

Hit up the Comicon this weekend - hence the quiet posting lull. But be nice. It was busy/crazy and far too much to take in at once. So here i show you the king of schwag - ROCKSTAR GAMES - yes the gaming folks of GTA and such… and this is all to promote their new Table Tennis game on XBOX 360… SUCH a fun game, and i don’t even like ping pong.

Ended up at their party over at the Airport Lounge on India St. in San Diego Friday night, and it was more fun than i can describe to you. So i won’t and instead will show you some pics below. Basically this open air lounge directly under the flight path had large projections of the game on two of the courtyard walls… and video installation art going on inside as well as djs spinning the night away.

This is my old ping pong ball gun - it was the only thing i thought of today when trying to figure out what to do with the Rockstar Table Tennis Ping Pong balls - unfortunately not all ping pong balls are created equal, and these were a tad too big, still fits though.

Here’s the party at the Airport Lounge —- party hosted by Rockstar and Re:up —- developers and testers were on hand as well - it was very low key and chill - perfect after an insanely overwhelming day of comicon. Picked up some tips on how the game works and how to play - also got completely owned by one of the game testers… she was amazing. Even while being beat THAT badly it was hilarious to watch.




Re:up also had special guests - who seemed to appear in the form of a giant soybean and a tofuhead looking guy that ran around wrestling and playing around… they were related to the videos being shown inside.




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