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Credit Card Monopoly- 08.01.06

Raised on Monopoly as one of the best board games ever (just look at those icons and imagery on there) - i even had the stock options kit… but what in my real life was missing? Credit and Debit cards! So for these crazy new kids of today who may not be able to relate as well to paper money… there is now Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition. Did you know it was first offered in 1935, to offer players a form of financial escapism during the country’s worst financial depression? Unfortunately this is only available for the UK edition so far, but they are considering bringing it to the US version as well. Oh and apparently things have changed for these new versions… “Cards that once rewarded players for winning a beauty contest now compensate them for winning a reality TV show. Completing a full circuit around the board is worth two million English pounds, not 200.”

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Monopoly brings back lots of memories of my child hood! I play on the computer every now and again, and I have the iPhone application. Bascially i’m just a monopoly addict! Great post though thanks!

----- Martin January 24.01.10 05:24

This game is great, isn’t it?
I love it!!!

----- Joana vaz da silva 17.07.08 13:17

omg how much is it i really want to buy it

----- sherry 15.11.07 18:49


----- VALENCIA 07.10.07 15:43

Okay, this game looks SOOO coo’. I just want to play it right now. Maybe I will have fun in the sun.

----- Denee 26.03.07 23:20

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