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Target on Melrose- 08.02.06

When Target decides to step it up a notch or ten, it is apparently no joke. With their new Go International collections, every month there is a new famous designer collection at ridiculously low prices (i got this dress for 25$!) ~ and their third collection is by Parisian Paul+Joe’s Sophie Albou, available only from Aug1-31st. While only partial collections are available at your standard Target stores, the FULL collection is available in at the Target Pop Up Boutique on the corner of Melrose Place and La Cienega.

Shade Elaine and I went to check out all the hype - and believe it or not - it is VERY impressive in presentation and packaging AND the collection was as cheap as they claim, and better quality than i expected. But this post is about the impressive store and packaging and the insanity that was LA women clamoring as if it were a sample sale (the pseudo communal dressing rooms i wasn’t too pleased with - its was anti boutique to have 4-5 random women in each red curtained space), these women all had ARMFULS of clothes to try on. You’d think the clothes were free. The store “bouncer” and manager said i couldn’t take pics unfortunately, but thanked me for asking, so i have a bunch of external pics and pics of the bag below.

p.s. can you believe that since the “public” opening of the boutique friday they sold out of the Owl Purse, White Jacket, and are almost out of my red dress already? And they aren’t getting more. And when i said it was like an LA Sample Sale i mean it in the sense that the cuthroat sides of women were coming out as they grabbed everything in sight, as well as the bonding in communal dressing rooms. Its is a bizarre and impressive frenzied state they have created.






This is the bag i got - fancy isn’t it? For a Target? Tissue paper with the Paul+Joe sticker to hold it together and all. But the reciept looked as if i came from a normal target.

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I believe this is their fourth collection, not their third: Fiorucci, Luella, Tara Jarmon, Paul & Joe.

----- miranda 09.09.06 01:28

Great idea, great look, great photos!

----- Daniel 31.08.06 17:06

Man, I wann live by THAT target. It’s freakin sweet. Almost thought It was on Rodeo or somthing!

----- Bethany Coffey 12.08.06 10:07

And I shall go with Mitzi. Thank you, too, for the heads up.

----- joss 04.08.06 11:35

Wow, I have to go. Thanks for the heads up.

----- Mitzi 03.08.06 11:45

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