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Hunting Traps- 08.05.06

With the assortment of gold and silver dangerous and pop culturally inspired jewelry, Toy Me has a new twist on it… my favorite being the Hunting Trap Bracelet. You never know when you might need one? They also have some cute skateboards, guitar jacks, sneaks, cowboy toys, lego inspired bracelets and earings… and the best part? Playful set of flickr pics featuring toys… bear traps AND itchy and scratchy? Toy Me just made my night. [i love High Snobiety]

…. oh and check out these cufflinks.


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bear traps are inhumane and the only reason that im looking them up is for an english assignment

----- chaton satorius 08.09.06 08:23

thats some hot forest goth action

----- mike 13.08.06 21:41

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