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Melbourne Art Fair- 08.07.06

Giant bunnies! Lucy Feagins gives us another dose of the art scene in Melbourne. The Melbourne Art Fair is a biennial event showcasing contemporary work from Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It used to be called ‘The Affordable Art Fair’, but this year the more palatable AU$1000-$2000 price tags of previous years were a little few and far between… so it’s probably a good thing they re-thought that.

What hasn’t changed is the fair’s emphasis on commercial art – work that sells. Which I guess makes it a more accessible arts event than most. Close-ups below.




Stand-outs this year included Michael Parekowhai’s ‘Cosmo’ – an enormous inflatable rabbit (think Disney’s ‘Thumper’) who towered over the other exhibits in the centre of the Royal Exhibition Building. The Melbourne Art Fair Foundation funded this piece specifically for the fair – the best part being that it’s going to be gifted to the National Gallery of Victoria afterwards.


Other great stuff to be seen was Rhys Lee’s (always) beautiful works at the Helen Gory Gallery stand – large canvases of ghostly characters in fantastic fluorescent colours (sorry the pic here is actually an earlier work from 2003).


A rare gem amongst the big names was Gallery Barry Keldoulis). The works here were varied and affordable, and the atmosphere more relaxed. Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy’s ‘Takadanobaba’ made me wish I had $2700… (again sorry no photo available but you can see this work at the Gallary Barry Keldoulis website). [NOTCOT note: does this remind anyone else of Katamari?]

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