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“Origami meets street art.”- 08.18.06

I am a big fan of paper, the more i work digitally, the more i need to flip through a newspaper. There’s something about that tactile sensation of playing with a piece of paper, doodling in a notebook, inventing new origami… so you can only imagine how much i love this series by Shin Tanaka. More pictures of the event below, as covered by RUGenius, who wandered the depths of Berlin, in the name of NOTCOT, last night - stumbling upon everything from an opera on a pirate ship to the red light district’s murals to blue mohawk bartenders followed by camera crews for a reality tv show - and survived.

“Origami meets street art. Less Rain presents Shin Tanaka’s collection of paper Origami. Designed by himself and other Japanese and European graffiti artists and illustrators, he created new facets of these iconic objects. The special clue: Everybody can create an own version of the paper toys T-Boy, Gritty or Spike. The artist puts the paper toy templates on his website so that everyone can download, customise, build and display an own individual character.” —- more from Less Rain’s Blog.







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