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Ariel Olguin- 09.27.06

Checked out the Abbot Kinney Street Fair down in Venice Beach last weekend, and amongst your usual bazzar type vendors, found this gem of an artist, Ariel Olguin, who’s work is definitely worth sharing. Larger images of some of my favorites below, including the mural and pieces hanging in Trim (an edgy hair salon that was filled with pirates, art, and booze as well as people getting their hair done that day ~ great mix, no?). But beyond the mind blowing street/liquid feeling art and hats, Ariel’s story is one of those classic rags to riches, American dream style tales…

“I was born in 1979 in the mountain town of Balcarse, Argentina. I came to the United States in 2000 for vacation in Miami and never left. I was working as an elevator operator and realized how much people appreciated my work. I sold my art to the passengers on the lift. With the last 250 dollars that I had in my pockets I made my way across the states to California. Thanks to some dude, I was able to live in a mobile home in the Home Depot parking lot. In the beginning I was drawing some shit just for kicks, to pass the time. Somehow I ended up with a pretty decent internship at an advertising agency as an illustrator, in the creative department. It was at this time I realized I needed to get out and show my work.” Wow? Go see more below.

(Images that can be clicked will take you to larger versions)




(that’s the artist himself in the white)




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Que bonitosssssss tus cuadros!!!!
Thanks to our friend Ariel, we saw your website and we liked it much. We hope to have the chance to see your exhibition here in Italy (in Naples) one day;)

Vale, Tanja, Clara

----- valetanjaclara 26.03.08 15:26

muy bueno el arte. donde podria comprar prints o saber mas a cerca de este artista

----- ariel dipadova 11.03.08 11:03

bought a house … want a wall painted… come through..sp

----- sean phelps 06.01.08 17:42


----- LUCIA QUINTEROS 09.12.07 13:06

hoooooooooooooooola no se si recibiras este mens. TUS CUADROS, EXPOSICIONES MURALES ESTAN GENIALES!!!!!!!!!!!! ME ENCANTAN respondeme si recibis por f. un beso enorme…..

----- leticia 23.03.07 04:00

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