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Design Charts- 09.27.06

Like the Billboards only for design? Or thats their idea anyhow… ironically, the interaction on their site pains me greatly, i roll my mouse around and the site bounces up and down and gah! too much. But the idea is cool, a nice way to see who the Top 40 Design Sites are for the week as judged by merely 3 sites… Designaside, Dope Awards, Website Design Awards. And felt it was worth a mention, since sometimes even in the bounciest of sites we might be able to find some worthwhile pages to browse? Design Charts [via UnBeige]

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Why is everyone using these stupid little sticker things with the rolled up edge? Unless it is some sort of witty subtle irony on the lack of true creativity in the design world (as I pray their entire website is), -100 points!

----- Amit 27.09.06 13:46

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