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Banksy Updated- 09.17.06

While i hate to further indulge this media circus that has been Banksy’s Barely Legal… i couldn’t resist going back today to see what a front page LA Times image (with article on front of the California section) & expected animal rights controversy yesterday turned the show into… The result? A line longer than one would have expected at the opening to Space Mountain… one of the most bizarre mixed crowds pouring into a small downtown LA street/alley. An overheated fire hazard where you are elbow to elbow looking at “art” while being yelled at to keep circulating so others too can see the art. And saddest of all? No more pink elephant… just a slightly pinkish hued one… And the security (hardcore woman with beret and all) was trained to search my purse for a SHARPIE - not weapons….. So kudos to Banksy, for using LA to do what it’s best at. It was certainly one hell of a weekend. [New updated images in the Gallery… extensive discussion on BoingBoing… and tons of youtubes of the pink elephant.]


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I placed a bid, but they didn’t accept it.

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