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Dry Erase Markers!- 09.21.06

It is a mock up sitting cross legged on the floor at the giant whiteboard kind of day… and went by OfficeMax and the latest in dry-erase marker design was worth a review! Gone are the days of boring markers that you can attach to make giant marker wands (think, i’m sure you know what i mean)… but now there are magnetic markers - built in erasers in the caps are default - and any color you can imagine is possible. The forerunners in design and functionality in my books are Expo (classic) and new OfficeMax Exclusive TUL (with a line over the U), which is designed in the US but made in S. Korea. (TUL also has some new rollerball and gel pens as well - which aren’t as good as their packaging - see below)… Here’s what i love about each: Expos in thick and thin form have great colors, love the grip, replaceable eraser tips (look like mini mics), and the free tote with super strength magnetic hooks is genius. TUL - they are MAGNETIC! the side of the grip with a U (magnet icon i presume) actually holds it up on the board! Additionally they also have an eraser tip, but its more like a thick felt pad. It is triangular prism shaped, reminding me of those little kid pencils they use to teach you how to hold it properly… and they just look cool scattered across the board. Lots of pics below…





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i love your markers

----- Anonymous 23.09.07 11:02

I am overjoyed you share the same fondness for TUL products. It’s not that I’m biased since they have funded my Graphological Initiative, but they are a superior ‘tul’ for handwriting enhancement. To check out the line please visit http://tul.com/, and as a delightful bonus brought to you by yours truly, see what your handwriting reveals about you.

Dr. Gerard Ackerman

----- Dr. Gerard Ackerman 28.09.06 08:59

Who has time for white boards that can be moved by one person. I need big, try 16 foot by 8 foot, My whole office wall is white board kinda, I used shower board and at 10-20 bucks a peice it was the cheepest wide screen movietheater sized white board ever. It’s a shame I like thin point markers.

----- erik 26.09.06 16:24

you seem to have missed the most important question: which ones give the better high when you sniff them?!

----- Amit 21.09.06 22:34

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