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Pot Heads- 09.11.06

These green pot heads just made my night - and don’t they remind you of those Buzzy Mini Pots i wrote about earlier? VinylPulse really is one of my biggest sites for unexpected design inspiration… These are DJ Shiro’s Botanical Angel Can Pot Head ~ a gorgeous custom job, plants and all! And to segue using those mini pots - part of why i’m slow in the posts the last day or so is ThisNext is really growing - (today they were featured in NY Times + TechCrunch) - and i’m transitioning to help them further with design/conceptual development especially focused on bringing you a better way to discover and share worthy products. (You know how adamant i am against traditional ad banners, and how painful some site design can be - so feel free to let me know what you really think about their ideas ~ i’m hunting for ways to take it to the next level). OH, and on the buzzy pots - those insane sunflowers i planted in them under my studio display, they sprouted and grew so fast i had to repot them in like 5 days!!! So i’ve been looking for something to do with those pots…. perhaps time to make NOTCOT pot heads?

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