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Representations- 09.30.06

While those miniatures below intrigue me, Cynthia Greig’s more recent “Representations” series mesmerize me and mess with my head far more… “Focusing on the representation of ordinary things, I draw directly onto 3-dimensional objects (which I have painted over in white paint) to create visual hybrids that appear to vacillate between drawing and photography, black-and-white and color, signifier and signified. My photographs intend to draw attention to how we see.” And that, they certainly do… below are the more which i simply can’t stop staring at… its as if you’re living in a 2 dimensional 3D world… and i love that the phone line is cut… not sure why, but its quite amusing today. (Great title for the series as well.)

This is quite possibly the BEST way to learn perspective drawing for anyone who can’t “see” it in their heads initially… and shading… paint it white, then outline the major lines? Brilliant.






Cynthia Grieg “Representations”

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