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Senses of Scale- 09.30.06

“Life-Size” by Cynthia Greig really messes with your sense of scale. (And if you saw the new CSI last night, doesn’t this remind you of that insanely detailed mini murder replica?) In her statement about the work, i love this excerpt “I am fascinated by the fact that almost anything (from sunglasses and cameras to hypodermic needles and condoms) can be found in miniature. I’m equally intrigued by the desire to collect such tiny replicas of objects from our own material world. As a smaller scale surrogate of the original, the miniature seems to imply the existence of some kind of alternative universe where we (as larger bodies) are like gods, omnipotent and in control.”

It’s fascinating to me how detailed the pieces she made are, and how she manages to recontextualize the everyday by having people interact with them as they would the originals… and that she picks everyday objects like condoms, pills, hypodermic needles, pipes, cameras and more… More of my favorites below.








See all of Life-Size and have your perspective changed further…

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yes, it was very difficult to do this. but it just took some patience and perserverance. my next project will be even tougher! (enlarging)

----- Cold Bacon 13.09.07 10:46

Cool stuff and very tedious work

----- Sharon R Kozik 23.02.07 09:42

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