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Silverstein Interview- 09.08.06

My first foray into design was advertising - before i got jaded in college, print advertising was torn out, collected, analyzed the way some kids had baseball cards. There was something about seeing a way to turn something so capitalist into something so artistic, yet still get a legitimate point across that appealed so greatly… yet sadly somewhere my real world experience with graphic design went sour - and thus began my exploration further into technology/products/art…

But it is hearing interviews like this one with Rich Silverstein from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that make me think about going back to it. And for all fields of design, his messages are refreshing and honest - and remind you how important passion for creating really is. I fully agree with him on PAPER, there really is something more substantial about it, and i don’t see it going away… how else can i explain that the more tech i accumulate never seems to cut down on my sketchbook consumption? Anyhow, there are so many great points in this chat, just let it run in the background while you work, i guarantee you’ll love it. This is the first of a series of Masters Interviews by Monadnock Paper Mills. (Thanks, John)

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