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Carved Crayons- 10.20.06

Diem Chau has mad skills when it comes to crayon carving… i keep finding myself stopping this post writing to go stare at the pictures again. Chau also has an incredible passion for storytelling, especially of the oral tradition. I love this quote from her statement “My grandmother told some of the best and most unique tales. She had a wonderful way of spicing up the traditional fable. According to her, Cinderella was kept from the Prince’s ball by having to sort a jumble of Mung beans, Red beans and Soybeans. Snow White went on many dates with Prince Charming before they got married, their first date being a picnic in the park with sandwiches and sliced melons. These small deviations are what fascinate me with oral traditions. Ordinary events injected into fantasy worlds make them more believable but, at the same time, it makes them extraordinary. Stories enable us to live a more vivid life.” Her grandmother ought to write them down and publish them - with her crayon carvings to illustrate it… i’d buy that.

UPDATED 1.19.08 - Diem Chau’s Crayons and new works featured in the Tinlark Gallery 1st Year Anniversary Show!







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This is really cool. I have been playing with carving crayons myself since seeing this. It is fun but I wish I could do it this well. Thanks for the post.

----- Mike 09.02.09 16:27

That’s awesome! A new creative way to use crayons… and they are the good kind too, not those waxy junk ones :)

----- Stacy Reed 21.10.06 16:11

yay! All fixed! Thank you!

----- Cat 21.10.06 11:07

Oh, Diem Chau is a woman.

----- Cat 20.10.06 22:46

Yay! Diem is featured. XOXO

----- Cat 20.10.06 22:38

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