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Designed For Natural Living- 10.11.06

RUGenius would like to make the claim that watching tv is productive… because she just saw this incredible “Designed for Natural Living” Campaign… then tracked it down on youtube - then found the french Novotel campaign site - complete with better quality video, desktop wallpapers (see my favorites below), and screensavers. By Young and Rubicam, music by Emilie Simon.





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Love the ad. Really moves me! Lovely & relaxing!

----- Elliott Cranmer 29.08.08 23:29

hey guys. Just stoppin by. Heard about it from a friend. He tild, goood. aight.
keep it real,
eh Rofl.

----- Rofl 15.10.06 22:07

wow, very nice dude. i love the debonair blur effects… it has style. Keep it up.

----- Blindy 11.10.06 09:45

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