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FishLoft- 10.08.06

Rugenius found this great german fishloft…. brilliant enough to need to be featured here as well. So you love your fish in your pond? So you cant see them enough? FISHLOFT! I can’t help but wonder though, will they really swim up the “loft? Will algae not grow all over? I guess it gives you REAL motivation to keep the water crystal clear? Will you wake up to cats and birds swatting at the loft? So if anyone has one, or gets one, let us know!

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Yeah, that fish loft is not a great idea. Coi and goldfish need more lateral movement than vertical. And they’re not the brightest animals - they could very likely get confused and “lost.” Besides, the temperature and pressure differece that’s bound to occur between the regular pond and the loft could cause problems for your fish. It’s another example of form not follwoing function - unless, f course, the function is to look good for a party and have all the fish die the next day. I wouldn’t risk it.

----- Elaine Vigneault 09.10.06 15:30

i can see having this used in a well designed indoors pond.

----- Tarsh 08.10.06 13:51

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