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VAG Rounded- 10.06.06

vagrounded.pngBeen working a lot with ThisNext, and i’m sure you may have noticed i’m pretty into the sticker branding they’ve got going for them… and with the amount of graphics i’ve been developing using their signature font, VAG Rounded, i’ve grown quite attached to it. So when i looked into it and realized it had quite a history behind its initially bizarre name… had to share. So here it is: Developed for Volkswagen AG in 1979, VAG Rounded is a variation on nineteenth-century grotesque sans serif designs. What is unusual about VAG Rounded is that the terminal of every stroke is rounded. Use it for technical or instructional manuals, or advertising. Designers: David Bristow, Gerry Barney, Ian Hay, Kit Cooper, and Terence Griffin.

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I’d appreciate it aswell. I’m doing an assignment based primarily on VAG rounded, it’s history, and its myths… anything would be helpful. Cheers

----- Wes 19.08.08 04:45

Hi, i’m doing some research into the history of VAG Rounded - do you have any more sources of information? Wikipedia is okay but is kinda limited. Any examples of it’s use in instruction manuals?

Cheers, Tim

----- Tim 18.08.08 22:04

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