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FitzsuGrandPrix- 10.16.06

This is a first for me, i’m somewhere in the air about an hours flight west of Kansas City, can’t sleep anymore, so popped the laptop open and noticed that the Fitzsu Playsam GrandPrix page is still open… so since i wanted to post about it when i got home, so, why not now? So just pulled images from that one page to create the collage above!

Playsam is a classic Swedish company, creating some of the sleekest minimalistic toy cars i’ve ever laid eyes on, with their perfect balance of wood and gloss paint, there isn’t one that doesn’t fit in as well on an executive’s desk, as rolling across a child’s playroom. Well step that up a notch, and let over 33 designers have their way with this design classic - and you have the Fitzsu Grand Prix. Everyone from Karim Rashid, James IRvine, Michel Graves, Scott Henderson, + Yves Behar to Touma, Mark Mothersbaugh, Tarina Tarantino, and Viktor Schreckengost to name a few. FitzsuGrandPrix an LA event on October 19, 2006 where the finished one-of-a-kind wooden toys will be auctioned off to benefit the World Childhood Foundation. (via SwissMiss)

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Wonderful events for a small Swedish company with only two employers…

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