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Rodrigo Bruna- 10.15.06

This redefines my view of a starving artist… his work is all made of TOAST. It was mind-blowingly beautiful, yet you know that at any moment, pigeons that sneak in could destroy days/weeks of work when they invite their friends over for a feast. Came across the work of Rodrigo Bruna at the 10th Annual Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival yesterday over in Brooklyn. Lots of fun toasty pics below.






9 Notes

Grande Rodrigo Bruna!

----- bc 04.06.10 14:08

awesome… tost.

----- zarii 15.01.07 10:30

Esto es arte de verdad. Ya era hora que se viera algo original y autentico, que comunique de veras la realidad del ser humano.

----- Juanita 05.01.07 11:06

visual food taste cool, more please!

----- Jorge Alvaro 22.10.06 22:05

I love the toast! It is amazing and very inventive! Did you eat it afterwords because I would.

----- Sheila 22.10.06 09:49

It is always a pleasure to see awork fron aChilean artist

----- vanessa sanz 18.10.06 18:44

It’s very beautiful!!

----- Nuria 18.10.06 00:15

Cool & Creative

----- Phil 17.10.06 23:52

An excelent result with an ordinary product. Very good!!!

----- Bruno Kaneoya 16.10.06 19:07

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